Monday, October 22, 2012

They're ugly and they know it!

Almost time to go back to work for me.
I didn't get as much done as I wanted to this weekend, I was kinda under the weather.
I did worm the goats, butcher the rabbits, and prep for the fall garden before putting out turnips and kale a bit ago.
I actually put out a good bit of both hoping that it'll take in a semi-wild setting to be used as extra goat forage once it turns cold. Still gotta get the cabbage and fall beans put out.
My six bunnies yielded about 14lbs of meat including 2 full carcasses, three parted ones, almost 2lbs to be used as sausage and the rest cut and boiled with the sweets for stock. Those bits and about half the stock were then deboned to use for dumplin's later. the rest is frozen for using to cook rice or whatever.
I made a very good quiche and think I finally figured out the secret to yorkshire pudding, by mistake.
Lastly, I tried really hard to get a decent pic of the new peeps. But I think I've told them how ugly they are so much they have a complex.

Every time I go by the coop I make sure I say hi and tell them how ugly they are, so when I took the camera out they all hit behind their two moms.

Out of five of the ugly little buggers, only one will grow up to be considered "normal" the rest are gonna be dustmops, like their daddy, poor bastards. Look at the fuzzy little feet this poor soul.

But I do have to admit I can't wait to see which   momma they wind up being colored like.

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